What’s your digital future?



Do you text? Play games online? Can you work a smartphone and a tablet? Then you are most likely a “digital native.”

Welcome digital native to the future.

However, before we begin.

Close your eyes and think of the world in 20 years. It is not going to be like today. Our technology fused world is changing rapidly. You may think that you are fluent in technology but you may not be.

Fluency is learned.

Want to be ahead of the game?

Then instead of playing games online and downloading an app on your phone like everybody else…How about creating them? Fluency in technology is learning how to create things. How to write them.

And it is awesome.

You may be thinking that this is for smart people or that it is too hard to learn but you are wrong. It is easy. Just like learning your ABC’s, (you know that right?) but this time it is a new set of ABC’s for technology. After you learn your ABC’s of technology then you can start to build words and then a sentence and maybe even a story!

Here are some examples of everyday people like you and me who are making a difference and learning to become literate in technology.

An 11th grader named Peter from Oregon built a device that helps kids with ADD. (http://codeorg.tumblr.com/post/92145747203/sotw16)

A 5th grader named Danielle from Florida built an app for fashion. (http://codeorg.tumblr.com/post/91469829263/sotw15)


Technology is rapidly changing the game regardless if human development is changing at all.

Literacy is wonderful. Reading books is beautiful but not enough. We need to start pushing for technology literacy. Learning to program and to code is the future literacy.

Like reading you first learn the basics and the more you practice the better you get. There are so many free and awesome programs online that can help you learn the ABC’s of coding and programming.


Here are just a few:







Be the change! Be the leader of the future! Become future literate today.


We love showing off what you guys can do. One of our Teen Advisory Board members designs a work of art for the cafe every time she is here. Over time, we have collected these lovelies and now we want to share them all with you! Enjoy!

20140614_125000 20140625_184149 cameras flowers how we get paper image (1) image (1)gravity image (2) image (4) imonaboat kites masks masks2 shapesshelveswaterfallwindows2





We’d love to show off any creative talent you have. If you draw, sing, write, anything – send it in to our blog or email Molly at g a r r e t t m @ c r l i b r a r y . o r g.

Once a upon a time…

As some of you know, the July Contest is “Finish the Story”. I have been getting so many responses! It’s amazing. Here are a few of the ones I’ve received.   Once upon a time, there was a girl named Emma. She had a younger brother named Ethan. One day, Emma and Ethan…



“One day Emma and Ethan decided to go on an adventure. They brought a backpack filled with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and bottles of water. They also brought a tent and blankets. Then they set out on their great adventure into the mountains. They hiked for hours, and just as the sun was setting they found a perfect campsite! The view from the tent was incredible, it look out across the lake and they could see everything. After they had both crawled in the tent and were tucked under the blankets, Emma said, “This has been the best adventure ever!”.”



“were walking in a forest when all of a sudden there was a green light. A space ship came down from the sky and landed in a clearing not far away. Emma ran and hid behind a rock, but Ethan followed the saucer and walked up to it. The space ship opened up and an alien came out. It looked like a ball of goo. It said, “Hi!” Hi?, thought Ethan, it can talk, coooooool.”



“Were walking down Main Street, and they saw the Mayor come out of the woods behind the library. Being as curious as they were, Emma and Ethan decided to find out what he was looking at. When they finally reached a clearing, they saw a small hut. They could hear weird noises coming from inside. When they opened the door, a large amount of steam, and smoke came billowing out. Emma and Ethan both immediately jumped backwards. Out of the mist walked a Sasquatch, it turned and looked from side to side, then blew past Emma and Ethan, knocking them to the ground. They ran home as fast as possible, and never left the comfort of the city again.”



“were sitting in their shared bedroom, reading, like they always do on those boring Saturday mornings. The sun was just peeking into the bedroom window, and the smell of sizzling bacon drifted in from the kitchen. Emma closed her book and waited for Mom to call them down for breakfast. Eventually, she heard the normal shout, but the voice that called it was deep and rough. Ethan still had his nose in his book, making him oblivious to the world. Oh no, Emma thought, what should I do?”



” One day, Emma and Eathan were out on a walk when they passed the new neighbors house. Both of them were very curious on what, or who was inside. Eathan took a risk and went to go knock on the door, but to his surprise no one answered. He turned around and shrugged back to Emma and while he was turned around a large man opened the door to the house. Emma was so scared she ran off screaming, Ethan turned around and shaked the man’s hand. While Eathan stood at the door and had a long conversation with the man Emma was hiding in the bushes watching from afar. Out of the corner of Emma’s eye she saw both Eathan and Emma’s mom walking there dog and their mom saw her. When Emma’s mom reached Emma she crouched down next to Emma and asked her why she was hiding in the bushes. Emma told her mom that Eathan and her were just taking a walk when they came across the neighbors house. But Emma’s mom was still confused why Emma was hiding, so Emma repeated to her mom that they saw the neighbors house and when the large man walked out she got scared and ran away. After a while of discussing the problem Emma and Eathan’s mom walked over to the house and engaged in the conversation. Even Emma got up from the bushes and went to the neighbor’s porch to join the conversation. The families talked and talked for a while, at the end of the day the two families where best friends!!!!!!”



“went to the store and picked out four apples. All of the apples were ruby red and perfectly circular. Emma and Ethan had never seen such beautiful apples before, especially not in this store. They bought the apples and walked home. When they got home, they couldn’t wait to steal a bite of the juicy wonder. Emma had picked her two apples and Ethan chose his. They both took a bite of their first apple and instantly spit it out. The apple felt like sandpaper between their teeth and tasted like they bit into a cockroach. Emma suggested that maybe their other apple would tasted like it looked. It didn’t though. It had the same cockroach, sandpaper qualities. How could such a delicious looking apple, taste so terrible? The next time they picked out apples, they picked the most lop-sided, brown apple they could find, and it tasted like heaven. From then on, they learned to not judge and apple by it’s color or shape.”



“Were in the car, reading good books. Emma looked at her brother and said “You should read this series, Ethan.” “What series is it?” he asked. “Warrior cats!” she replied. “Well, you should read mine.” Ethan countered.

“Well, what’s yours?” Emma asked. “Soul eater!” Ethan answered. “How about we switch books for a day. I’ll read Soul eater, and you read one of the Warrior cats books.” Emma suggested. “Sounds like a good idea, Emma!” Ethan replied with a smile.”



“… decided to write a book, unfortunately niether had any ideas on what it should be about. They threw together many ideas each sounding worse then the next. Until their fairy godmother stepped in and whisked them into the empty pages of the book and let them set about their path of creating the world. They needed to only think something and it would appear, though no amount of thinking or wishing would set them free.”



“…got lost in the forest forever!”



“Once upon a time, there was a girl named Emma. She had a younger brother named Ethan. One day, Emma and Ethan were walking home from school. There was a slight rain falling from the sky onto their heads. Emma, being the older one, was holding an umbrella for the smaller boy beside her. Ethan looked up at his older sister, his emerald green eyes shining softly from a beam of light, that seemed to be ripping its way through the overcast above.

“Emma, what ever happened to our father?” The six year old boy asked curiously.  Emma seemed to be unnerved by the question brought to her, and cleared her throat quietly. Emma contemplated how she should explain to the child that their father was dead, that he took his own life. Ethan knew his mother was in the hospital, because Emma was able to explain that she was sick, but she never found a way to explain their father. After a few moments of silence Emma spoke;

“Daddy was a very quiet man..” She murmured, reviving the memory of the man she once knew. “He usually kept to himself, unless he was around you or I… And of course mother.” She smiled, reminiscing.”He had short brown hair, the color of mahogany, and eyes of the clearest blue skies. He loved to read to us, and write stories of far away lands, and people that overcame the darkness of this earth, but he was never quite able to overcome the darkness that lived inside of him.” Ethan breathed out a sound of confusion and Emma walked him over to a shelter, sitting down on a bench to wait for the transit.

“Father, he was a sad man inside, not because of anything that you or I did, but because of his past. When father was merely 15 he was illegally put into the military. It was 1939, and while most children his age were hearing of the war through radio, he was out, shooting his own gun.  He remained in the military for years, and in the 1950’s he met mama. She was a nurse in the Korean War, the only problem was.. She didn’t belong there. Mama was born and raised in japan, but fled the country because she was going to be forced into an arranged marriage. In Korea, she met papa, and the two fell in love. During the time he was there, he convinced his commanding officers that she was on their side, and she was placed into the bunkers as a cleaning women. She and papa were madly in love, and we’re trying everything in their power to find a way to get her back to the United States, and in a trunk with papas pictures of family, they got her to America. When they got to the states, papa realized mama was pregnant. He got her enrolled in a private institution to learn English, and moved her into his home. In early 1954, I was born.” The transit pulled up In front of the two children and they got on.

“Please continue Emma!” Ethan said, pulling her sleeve. Emma put away the umbrella and took a seat with the boy in the back. “Well, we were all fine, from then until 1964  when You were born. Papa was hurt in his job as a mechanic and there was no money. Mama couldn’t get a job, and neither could I. So daddy started to get sad, it wasn’t for a year that he found a new job on a farm, tending to animals. And mama was able to work there as well, since she knew minor veterinary sciences. As the years went by, things kept getting tougher for papa, and he kept getting harsher toward mama. He eventually fell into the bottle for comfort and mama fell to the comfort of other men, that’s why you don’t remember them much. And when you were four, papa put a pistol to his head, saying he wished he would have been able to provide better for us. It wasn’t until nana got custody of us that we realized he was suffering from depression his whole life. Eventually mama got sick, and was drinking too. She hurt her brain, that’s why she is in the doctors. And now, nana has us. And she is a good woman.” Emma finished,

Ethan was silent for the rest of the ride home, and that night, while he and his sister were in bed, he finally spoke.  “Father seemed selfish” he whispered.

“Oh no, he wasn’t, he was just troubled. Everyone is troubled in some way, but so,e people just can’t handle it.” Emma replied quietly.


From then on, their parents were never brought back up. Their mama died at sixty, from brain damage, and their nana died at eighty, of old age. Ethan grew up and went to the military, he is now a veteran that teaches youth about PTSD. And Emma went to be an artist, and lived until she was fifty. She died of cancer, with four children and three grandchildren. Her and her brother always stayed in contact to talk about their past, and their futures..”

Bundle Prizes!

At the beginning of the Summer Reading Program, you signed up and selected a bundle to be put in a drawing to win if you completed your reading log. There are six bundles, but not very many people have completed their Summer Reading Challenge yet. The odds are probably in your favor if you do finish! The last day to turn in your Summer Reading Challenge is July 25th!


Did I mention that all you have to do to complete your log is:

  • Read three books
  • Attend an Event
  • Write a Review
  • Enter our Monthly Contest


I know you can do it!!


Pictured below are the wondrous prize bundles that could be yours if you finish your Summer Reading Challenge. 


Anime Bundle Photo

Anime Bundle

Tech Bundle

Art Bundle Photo

Art Bundle

Book Bundle Photo

Book Bundle

Game Bundle Photo

Game Bundle

Music Bundle Photo

Music Bundle














P.S. We are beating the baby sign ups by 35! Go teens!

Books You Think are Neat

Ya… I said neat.


You guys have been turning in book reviews left and right. Here are some of your thoughts.



Clockwork Angel – Clare

Clockwork Angel is the first book in the prequel series to The Mortal Instruments. It is an amazing start to the series. It focuses around the lives of the young Shadowhunters in Victorian England. The characters lives are so thrilling and how she weaves things that affect the characters in The Mortal Instruments makes the series even better. You will enjoy watching Tessa, Will, Jem and Jessamine as they try to figure out who Tessa is and what happened to her brother.



Odd Thomas – Koontz

This book is very well written and is able to capture you in the first few pages and keep you in its grasp through the rest of the book. I highly suggest reading this horror mystery novel.



Fault in Our Stars – Green

This book was beyond perfect. There are a lot of things in there that are wonderful life lessons and they can be very important to not only people that have/had cancer but also people that haven’t ever had any type of terminal illnessFrom this book I learned that you really have to live your life to it’s fullest. I know people say that quite often but it’s really true. You never know whats going to happen and you never know when you are going to get told that you’re really sick and only have an 85% chance of living. Even if someone looks perfectly normal that doesn’t mean they feel perfectly normal. It’s better to listen to someones story then to criticize them for something they have no control over.



City of Heavenly Fire – Clare

The end is here: it’s the last book in the mortal instruments series! Don’t let the 725 page length fool you, you will fly through this book. I laughed, possibly shed a tear and even threatened to throw the book against a wall. This book keeps you guessing until the very end, when the fates of our favorite characters are decided once and for all.



The Lightning Thief – Riordan

The Lightning Thief is an amazing book! If you like adventure, fantasy, and comedy this is the book for you. Twelve year old Percy Jackson discovers he’s a demigod and gets swept up in a quest to recover Zeus’ stolen master bolt and prove he’s innocent. Read this book! You won’t regret it.



Witch & Wizard (manga) – Patterson with Charbonnet and art by Svetlana

The manga adaptation of Witch & Wizard by James Patterson is absolutely amazing. I devoured it in one afternoon. The artwork by Svetlana Chmakova was stupendous. I’ve read the regular novel, and this manga was super accurate. . It captured the reality of the horror the characters in the book went through without being overly graphic. All in all, it is an engrossing plot line that is captured perfectly in this manga adaptation.



The Maze Runner – Dashner

Well… I picked up “The Maze Runner” thinking it would be another great series to fall in love with, such as “The Hunger Games” or “Divergent.” I suppose my expectations were set way too high, because I was pretty disappointed. The book was fast paced and kept me interested, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how repetitive it was. The main character, Thomas, had no real personality and would continue to repeat the same phrases time and time again. And this was the same for many of the characters, even Chuck. I just wish this book was better, because it does have a very interesting plot…



Naturals – Barnes

Naturals was the kind of book that I just couldn’t put down. The book keeps you guessing and was intense. The book is told mostly from the perspective of a seventeen year old girl named, Cassie. Cassie is a natural profiler who is recruited by the FBI to work on cold cases. But parts of the story are also told by a serial killer who is obsessed with Cassie. The book is fast paced and entertaining till the very end.



Firespell – Neill

Firespell by Chloe Neill is a fantastic start to the Dark Elite series. First, I love, LOVE the characters. The main character Lilly Parker and her partner in crime Scout Green have an easy fun relationship that really defines best friends. Second, it’s relatable even with magic, vamps and werewolves. You’ve got your high school friends the mean girls known as the ‘brat pack’ and do not forget the boys. Which leads me to point number three. Do not be discouraged by the action and drama. I promise you will not be disappointed when it comes to the romance aspect. Oh no, not with mysterious Jason Shepard or Miss Green’s admirer Michael Garcia. The romance drama and action only heat up as the series go on. So yeah, I total suggest this book. The whole series really.



Closer – Gordon and Williams

This is the 4th book in the Tunnels book series.  Will, his dad and Elliot jumped into a geyser deep underground and end up in a world inside the earth.  His evil sisters followed and tried to kill him but he escaped to the surface but the Styx followed him and started taking over London at the end of the book.  I liked this book because it showed that other worlds could exist and that sometimes you have to dig to find the answer like Will Burrows did.


Punched in the Face Poetry

- JD/M


1st off: Shalom, super awesome teenagers. I’m Jenny Deininger, a new seasonal. I happen to be 16 years old, and I’ve already met a lot of you guys who follow this blog. I’m hyped to meet more of you. 2ND: Molly has assigned me the daunting task of writing something for this blog. She refused to give me help and ideas, (thanks Molly), so I decided to write to you about something I’m weirdly passionate about. If this turns out awful and you’re like “who is this lady and what is she doing messing up this blog?” then I rebuttal by begging you to GIVE ME A CHANCE! MOLLY WILL BE BACK SOON.

Anyway, I’M GOING TO WRITE ABOUT THIS REALLY SUPER COOL AND ENERGETIC AND FUN AND PASSIONATE AND ANGRY AND HAPPY AND DEEP THING CALLED “SLAM POETRY”/“SPOKEN-WORD.” This is where I will lose half of you reading this, because many of you see the word poetry and go “What? Shakespeare? No! Mushy feelings? Ew!” What you may not know is that slam poems are actually poems that were meant to be said out loud and filled with passion, anger, love, and hatred. When I say poems, I mean moving short literary pieces spoken from behind a microphone in awesome cafes and underground locations. Any of you ever seen the Tumblr famous post “OCD, by Neil Hilborn”? Yeah, that’s slam poetry. Also, if you haven’t seen that then I totally recommend you Youtube it later because it rocks. I’ll provide an entire list of my favorite slam poems below.

IMG_0377 (3)

That man is Neil Hilborn.

Slam poetry can be about whatever. Do you need hear about coping with life, body image expectations, what to do when someone pressures you, or how to deal with heartbreak? SLAM POETRY IS LIKE MY BEN AND JERRIES ICE CREAM. IT CATCHES ME WHEN I FALL. I pick up my iPad, lie on my favorite bench in my house, and watch poetry for hours. I personally love self-empowering poems like “Thighs- by Desireé Dallagiacomo” and poems on awareness for mental illnesses (Neil Hilborn is my favorite for that). Ollie Renee Schminkey, Jesse Parent, Patrick Roche, Dylan Garity, Anna Binkovitz, and Michael Lee are my favorite spoken word performers. GOOGLE THEM OR ELSE.

Many musicians practice written word poems like Watsky, Kanye West, and Listener. “You Were a House on Fire”  by Listener is a spoken word song that I will always have the lyrics memorized for. “Tiny Glowing Screens Part 2” by Watsky is another song I’ll always know. I love poems that hit you right in the gut and leave you reeling…or crying. I refer to good poems a part of my “Punched in the Face Poetry Playlist.” Alliteration is awful, amiright? Poetry helped me get over difficult deaths, a multitude of sappy breakups, and my everlasting struggle to find peace and happiness in a hectic world. I don’t know who you are, but I do know there’s a slam poem out there for you, and I know once you find that poem you’ll have it engraved on your brain and heart. That, my friend, is awesome. That is the power of spoken word.IMG_2075 (2)

If any of you are interested in writing spoken word, just look for me. I write it every day, and could *probably* help you out. If you’re interested in going to a slam poetry competition, performance, or open-mic I can also recommend some rad stuff. I totally recommend listening to some slam poetry, or even writing some down. It’s a great way to vent and relate to people. It seriously changed my views of a lot of things in this world. I hope it may inspire you like it did with me.


Michael Lee – “The Addict, a Magician” (Rustbelt 2013) Neil Hilborn – How to Get Beat By The Cops Neil Hilborn & Ollie Renee Schminkey – “One Color” (NPS 2013) Neil Hilborn – “Audiobook”

Neil Hilborn – “Static Electricity”

Neil Hilborn – “Mating Habits of the North American Hipster”

Kait Rokowski – “How To Cure a Feminist”

Alex Dang – “What Kind of Asian Are You?” (NPS 2013) Desireé Dallagiacomo – “Thighs” (WOWPS 2014) Hannah Johnson – I’m Still Really Glad I Broke Up With You Lily Meyers- Shrinking Women Jesse Parent – “To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter Dylan Garity – “Rigged Game” (NPS 2013) Neil Hilborn – “OCD” (Rustbelt 2013) Michael Lee- Pass On Anna Binkovitz- Asking For It

Guante- Ten Responses to the phrase “Man Up”

I encourage you guys to explore the world of spoken word. No, it doesn’t rhyme like Dr. Seuss, and yes, it is far from Shakespeare and Hughes. Button Poetry has a super awesome Youtube channel that has a classroom safe swear free playlist. I beg you to browse all the channel has to offer. Thanks for reading; I’ll see you guys around.

-Jenny Deininger